Real Life WITH Discipleship

Real Life WITH Discipleship

Sep 03, 2017

Passage: John 14:6-7

Preacher: Dr. Colby E. Kinser

Series: WITH


We continue our 12-part series called “WITH” by examining how the journey of WITH is actually the journey of Discipleship



Read John 14:6-7; Rev 2:17; Matt 5:43-47; Matt 25:31-46. How is Christ at work in your life to bring more real life WITH God, Self, Others, and the Rest of Creation?

With your family:

Use Legos or other building blocks to demonstrate “apart” and “with,” discussing how God is bringing more WITH in your own life in different areas.

With your small group:


  • What stands out to you in these verses? Why?
  • What bothers you about these verses? Why?
  • Discuss the self-reflection question above.
  • Discuss how you can realistically adopt a stronger posture of bringing WITH into the lives of others in your life.
  • Given this passage, what should you do this week?