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Passage for 10/18/2020

We'll be in Exodus 12:1 - 15:21, "Getting Really Ready" (click on the passage for an online Bible, which opens a new window).


Discipleship Group Questions

Directed Questions
  • Remember to leave time for prayer, or perhaps do prayer first.
  • Ask if there is anyone who hasn’t yet been introduced to someone else in the group.
Launch: Which of the following aspects do you most want God to work on in your life, and why?
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Identity, strong sense of who I am in Christ
  • Purpose in life
  • Fear (a reverent awe) of God
  • A heart of worship & celebration
  • A sense of inclusion
Read: Based on the answers just given, pick one of the following attributes and read
  • Hope - God’s imperatives (Exo 12:1-28)
  • Faith - God’s narrowing (Exo 12:29-51)
  • Identity - God’s redemption (Exo 13:1-16)
  • Purpose - God’s story (Exo 13:17-22)
  • Fear - God’s glory (Exo 14:1-31)
  • Celebration - God’s power (Exo 15:1-18)
  • Inclusion - God’s justice (Exo 15:19-21) (since this is short, you might pick this with another, especially “celebration”)
  • Where in the passage do you find the attribute (such as “hope”)? (there might be more than one)
  • Where in the passage do you find God’s action (such as “imperatives”)?
  • How does God’s action result in the attribute? What’s the connection?
  • What is an example from your own experience of this connection?
  • Think about the feelings that the people in the passage might have been feeling. When have you had the same feeling?
  • How does God’s action affect those feelings?
  • For the particular attribute that you chose, what is one way that God’s actions can build that attribute in you in the next few weeks?

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Have our "online bulletin" available during our 10/18/2020 online worship service: click here (should be available by Saturday)



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