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For Children's Church, use the following link when the children are dismissed around 10:50 or so: kidsdg.fellowshipofgrace.org. Your child will enter a "waiting room" under the teacher can verify them and admit them.

Passage for 1/24/21

We'll be in Philippians 2 and Colossians 2, continuing in our series called "The Core" in a message titled "Jesus."

Online Bulletin

Our bulletin is now online: click here (new bulletins should be in final form by Friday afternoon)


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Discipleship Group Questions

Remember to leave time for prayer, or perhaps do prayer first.
Introduce: Make sure everyone has met.
  • Is there a saying of Jesus in the Gospels that is particularly meaningful to you? Why is it so meaningful to you?
Read: Read Philippians 2:5-11 and Colossians 2:8-15 (read in 2 translations if time allows). You might choose to read one, process the Observation question, and then the other.
  • Is there a particular statement in either passage that you gravitate to or that brings up a question for you? Discuss. (If you spend the entire time on this question, that's fine. Make observations in Php 2, then Col 2.)
  • Paul wrote these things that were likely already familiar to the first readers and are familiar to many of us. What is so important in each of these passages that he bothers to repeat what many already know? 
  • Of all the attributes and actions of Jesus Paul could have mentioned, why did he highlight these particular ones in each passage? 
  • How can the Person of Jesus help us to navigate challenges such as the pandemic or social discord? (Be careful! Do not allow this conversation to get partisan or divisive. Keep the conversation on the true impact of Jesus.)
  • How can the Work of Jesus help us to understand ourselves, our identity, where our worth does and does not come from, our life mission, etc. ... particularly as a family of believers?
  • One area where I need to allow the Person and/or Work of Jesus to personally influence me more is: ____________________________.

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Daily Devo

Monday - Friday at 7am, a 20-30 minute devotional online: https://zoom.us/j/933273100 . There is a password required. See Grace Notes.

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