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When Jesus shares the Last Supper with His disciples in the upper room, He calls the bread His “body” and the cup of wine the “new covenant in My blood.” The old covenant was with the people of Israel as described in the Old Testament. He was creating a new covenant, but with His own blood instead of that of the bulls and goats. God told some of the prophets hundreds of years before that He would bring a new covenant.

However, that word covenant may or may not be a word that evokes strong images for us. It's not an everyday word for most of us. It sounds like an old-timey word (or has negative connotations if your HOA has “CC&R's”).

As I am going through the reading plan we have chosen for 2019 (see Grace Notes articles on that), I'm trying to read through in Italian to keep up my language skills. It's a good thing I already know what the text is supposed to say, or I'd be pretty lost!

This last week, I came across a verse in Luke about the Lord's Supper where Jesus talks about the new covenant in His blood. The Italian word for that is alleanza. It's like our word alliance. (Spanish, French, and German have similar words.)

For me, that's a fresh way to look at the covenant we have with God. It's an alliance. We're now committed to be on the same side (His!). We're willingly allied with Him. We're fighting the same fight against the same enemy. He will defend us and we are ready to give our lives for His cause.

We're not equal partners, of course, but we are mutually committed to each other.

Yeah, that's what a covenant does.

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