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Bless Every Home

Posted by Colby Kinser on

Every so often I want to remind you all of a great resource for reaching out to your neighbors. We've mentioned it a few times in the worship service lately, but I want to also have it written as well. It's called "Bless Every Home," and the website is http://blesseveryhome.com . 

When you sign up, it will start sending you daily emails with the names of 5 of your neighbors to pray for. After you've prayed for them, you click a button to mark that they've been prayed for. On the next day, you'll get a new list of 5. If, however, you miss a day and don't click the button that you've prayed, it will send you the same 5 as the day before.

Also when you sign up, you can specify Grace Fellowship Church as your group so that our prayer records can be grouped together.

The tool goes further than this, and we've not talked much about it. It also gives you a way to mark your progress toward having meaningful conversations with your neighbors, with different stages of contact that you've made. If you're familiar with CRMs in business, it's kind of like that, but for missional engagement.

Kansas City has a unique level of collaboration between pastors and churches, and Bless Every Home is one of them. The city data are used to see what pockets of KC are being prayed for regularly and which are not. We can then focus on the areas without a neighbor praying for them and work toward getting every neighborhood in Kansas City prayed for.

The first step to reaching our neighbors for Jesus is praying for them faithfully. I highly recommend this tool. It's simple and highly strategic for each of us to carry out the Great Commission.

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