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Campaign Promises

Posted by Colby Kinser on

We are in the midst of a significant election cycle, and therefore we are  being bombarded with campaign promises. I'm not writing to disparage politics, particular politicians, or the political process. It's just the fact of the matter that our mailboxes are filling up, the airwaves are being flooded, and the yard signs are popping up like Springtime weeds.

Not all politicians make empty or fallacious campaign promises. It's no secret, however, that some do. That's been the same since the first day after politicians were invented. 

This kind of campaign promise, though void of substance, is intended to string you along long enough until the politician gets what he or she wants. There's likely little intention of ever fulfilling the promise, or there's a naivete that fulfilling the promise is within the power of the politician. But that's not the point of the promise.

The point of the promise isn't to guarantee you the voter some good outcome, but rather to coerce the voter to guarantee some good outcome for the politician.

This we know well.

This is how the world works spiritually. The world makes empty campaign promises, but has no power nor intention to actually fulfill them. "Follow the world's ways, and you'll be happy, be content, have purpose, be significant, and have a successful life." The world promises what the world cannot and does not want to fulfill.

But the world's campaign promises are meant to string you along long enough for the world to get what it wants - namely, worldly people. The world system wants anything other than committed followers of Christ who trust Him alone for happiness, contentment, purpose, significance, and true success.

If we keep falling for the false political campaign promises, we'll never have any different results than what the previous empty promises delivered. If we keep falling for the world's empty "campaign promises," we'll never have any different results that every generation without Christ has ever had.