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Cartoon ... but who is the joke on?

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A pastor friend posted this cartoon recently:

Of course, the point is a little pastoral revenge for the microscope some pastors find themselves under. (Not every pastor has a perfectly gracious congregation like I do!)

But as I gave the cartoon a second thought, I realized that unintentionally, it captured my dream - and my dream is not revenge.

This cartoon assumes a model where the pastor is the primary speaker of God's Word, and how "odd" it would be if the people of the congregation were the primary speakers of God's Word. But that is one of the main reasons I do what I do!

I love when this picture becomes more and more true - when all of us, the congregation, are equipped and capable of speaking God's Word into life's situations. Not just in a church setting, like this cartoon, but in every corner of life.

Oh, that this drawing would characterize us increasingly every day!

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