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Posted by Colby Kinser on

I am grateful for Sarah S who led us through the CoJourners study over these last four Sundays. I love the balance between challenging us and setting reasonable goals and expectations. God has put us in the lives of people who need Jesus, He's already at work in their lives, and He wants to use each of us to be an influence in one or more of the four roles: Explorer, Guide, Builder, or Mentor.

Because COVID has compressed our schedule, we didn't have the time to go into as much depth as we would have liked, but I made the decision that I'd rather have this training now rather than wait an indefinite amount of time until we have the breathing room to have a longer class time.

But these four lessons were just a foretaste of the CoJourners material. We plan to offer more in-depth training in 2021. Plus, we can always repeat this material for those who couldn't join us this time around.

People will perish without Jesus. Jesus' plan is to use us for this, the most important job you'll ever have. It's a big task, but what He asks us to do is achievable - especially with the Spirit who lives inside of us.

Reject every lie that says you can't, you don't know enough, you aren't influential enough, you're not able to withstand the possible negative reactions, or that no one will come to faith in Christ through your influence. Those are lies of Satan to convince you to not do the thing Satan hates - helping others know the Good News of Jesus.

The CoJourners 28-day devotional is also fantastic! I highly recommend you sign up and walk through it each day for four weeks. It reminds you of God's work and your role. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/cojournersdevo.

Thanks again, Sarah!

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