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Deeply Grateful

Posted by Colby Kinser on

I want to give a shout out for a few who have really gone above and beyond during this time, and I will do so in front of the whole congregation when it's time to. In no particular order:

  • Pete R for all the sound tech and video tech requirements of moving everything online and then moving things back into the church building again for a long-term hybrid worship service for both onsite and online congregants.
  • Jeremy W and Troy B for the very involved work of managing the Zoom calls. Many of you haven't had a chance to meet Troy in person, yet, but you will. The better they did their job, the less you noticed them.
  • Rob H for designing, building, and leading a team to replace our platform with something better suited to our purposes. And the new cross hanging on the wall is beautiful.
  • Jim R for the extra demands needed during a time of readying the building for COVID-19 protocols while at the same time overseeing major remodeling work.
  • David D for directly managing the remodeling and the vendors.
    The Worship Team for flexing and hitting a moving target every Sunday.
  • Bruce W for getting his hands into all the above.
  • The small army of people pulling carpet, repainting walls, and otherwise improving our building with sweat equity.

I fear I've failed to mention someone I should! Everyone has been pitching in one way or another. You have my gratitude. 

I wanted you to know about these in particular, because you haven't been able to see much of what they have done. Please consider expressing your gratitude to each of them.

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