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There's no way to reduce the Christian life to a short slogan. And even if we find a condensed way to get the gist of the Christian life, there's another way that's just as good. Tossing all this wisdom aside, let me offer another condensed way to look at the Christian life.

Demonstrate the reality of Jesus and the worth of His creatures.

To fully develop this idea would take a long article (or a sermon!). Just a few thoughts here:

  • Demonstrate. Make obvious. Make tangible. Express is concrete actions. Make the reality of Jesus and the worth of His creatures obvious through concrete, real, tangible actions so that others experience that Jesus is real or that they (and those they care about) have great worth.
  • Reality of Jesus. Not just the idea of Jesus or a moral code to live by, but that Jesus is real and active. By your tangible acts of love, demonstrate that Jesus is real here and now.
  • Worth. Value, dignity, honor. They bear the image of God, so demonstrate that value by your actions (not just religious words). Those marginalized by society have real worth, so demonstrate that to all with your tangible actions.
  • Creatures. We are His creation. Therefore, He has a purpose for us. Demonstrate that others have a purpose in God's plan, even if you don't know what it is.

These ideas take a lot of pressure off of us to prove God exists, to be responsible for others being convinced, and getting into fruitless arguments. Rather, we can just focus on demonstrating that Jesus is real here and now and that others have great worth in His eyes (and therefore ours). We don't have to do "outreach," but demonstrate the worth of others. Of course, this means that we need to be more and more attentive to the present reality of Jesus and the inherent value of His creatures.

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