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Dirty Money

Posted by Colby Kinser on

Every dollar in your wallet, indeed every dollar in your bank, has passed through both evil and clean hands. Every single dollar. You have (most likely) never had a buck that has remained completely free from someone's avarice, evil intent, or pride.

Sometimes we get the notion that some money is "dirty" (e.g., won from illegal gambling or immoral business), while other money is "clean," gained through good and moral trade. However, we're usually referring to just the most recent transaction that money has seen. But what about the trade before that one? Or the one before that?

But what we do with it when it hits our hands can "redeem" those dollars, so to speak. Not that it makes green paper holy, but that whatever purposes that money has been used for in the past can now be replaced with God-honoring exchange. Those dollars can serve holy and righteous purposes. What may have once been used for evil can be used for good. A kind of redemption. 

We cannot control how those dollars will be used downstream. But we can have our own kind of "money laundering" scheme by using those bucks for things that Jesus would endorse. 

The same idea can be applied to every possession God allows us to have.

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