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Fear to Cavalier

Posted by Colby Kinser on

By now, you've likely seen someone you thought was a little too cavalier about the Coronavirus. Or maybe you have second-guessed yourself that you were being a little too carefree about protecting yourself. Should I wash my hands more often?

We've all also seen the fear that some have had over the Coronavirus. Perhaps you've even felt some of it yourself. Afraid to touch a door handle, washing hands more often than necessary, or lying awake at night worried about getting it.

We can go to both extremes about sin, too. At times, too cavalier. We've got grace, and nothing has seems to happen when I commit a particular sin, so why not?

At other times, too fearful. God will surely disown me after messing up ... again. Maybe I'm not saved afterall. People won't accept me if they really knew.

I think whether it's the Coronavirus or sin, we can have the same wise approach:

  1. Realize there is a real danger.
  2. Know what protects us.
  3. Live in freedom.

There is a real danger to the virus and to sin, both. It doesn't help us to ignore this.

There is real protection for both, and they sound similar for both: avoid high-risk activities, keep some distance from those who have it, practice regular cleansing/confession, and don't even accidentally bring it close to you. If you think you might have a problem, go to someone who can give you the objective truth. For sin, ultimately we do have protection in Christ.

And then we can live in freedom. A mask gives me freedom to go into a store, and so stores can stay open. Because of Christ and wise choices, I actually have more freedom in life than when I'm pursuing whatever my sinful desires want.

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