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Feeling Even More Distant

Posted by Colby Kinser on

When we first started meeting online, we all suddenly felt more distant from each other. Naturally. But as we got the hang of it, we started to forge connections with each other through different means. I was surprised at how well we could still feel connected as a church through a video conference call. (Some of you have said you feel even more connected because of our breakout discussion groups.)

As we've been graduating our way back to meeting in person, we now have the worship team, tech team, and me joining the Zoom call from the sanctuary. And that's progress.

But it's also a step back for me personally.

Because of the setup, I don't have a screenful of your faces right in front of me any longer. And your picture of me is a lot smaller, showing most of the platform rather than a tight shot of my scrappy mug. So I'm missing the interaction that we've developed online. It may be much the same for you, but I'm amazed at how much more distant from you this "progress" has made me feel.

Furthermore, I now have less control over my own video and audio, so I have fewer choices on being interactive with you.

It's temporary, and I'm looking for ways to mitigate it during this time of transition, but it's an unexpected reality - I actually miss the interaction I've had with you on Zoom. And it affects me more than I would have expected. I left our worship service Sunday with no little sadness that I didn't get to see all of you like I normally do on Zoom.

I'm now all the more eager to be with you all in person again. And my sadness is also encouraging to me - reminding me of the treasure church is and that missing you for a short time is just evidence of how fond of you I am.

To remind you, our plan is to follow the county's recommendations and to be only a week or so behind their phases. Since we're doing so much remodeling of the church building right now, we may end up being confined more by our own work than by the county restrictions!

We're adapting week by week because of how quickly things change. For example, the county's definitions of the phases changed only last week. So it's impossible for us to give you target dates. Rather, we point to the county schedule as they publish it and then endeavor to be within a week of their phases, Lord willing.

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