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Have you ever struggled to know how to pray for someone? You don't want to act like you know better than God does about what should be done. You don't want to only pray for temporal relief. You know God already knows, and you suspect He'll do whatever He wants no matter what you pray.

One way you can always pray for others is for God to fill them with His Spirit. If they are believers, then for God to fill them for whatever He desires. If they are not believers, then for God to indwell them first and then to fill them.

Being filled with the Spirit means that we are surrendering to His guidance in our lives, sensitive to His constant presence, and attentive to His voice. God does the filling, and we do the being-filled part. As we are filled, we "walk" by the Spirit, meaning we live our lives and make decisions based on the Spirit's influence more than the influence of the flesh.

We can always pray for that for others.

We can also pray that by the filling of the Spirit, they will then address their current circumstances by the Spirit. Whether they face a struggle, a decision, or a blessing, that they would walk by the Spirit within them.

This is beyond praying for the circumstances to turn out well, and different from praying for God to do something specific for the circumstances. Rather, we can pray specifically toward the filling, and the from the filling will be how they move forward in their circumstances.

And ... you can pray the same for yourself, by the way.

(image: Ryan Hodnett [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons)

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