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How much I want to meet with you

Posted by Colby Kinser on

I really don't like wearing a mask. I don't like the feel, I don't like how it's a little harder to take in a deep breath, I don't like not seeing someone's expressions, and I don't like them not seeing mine.

So I wear my mask.

And I really don't like wearing a mask when we gather for worship, especially when we sing. But singing is a "superspreader," so it's particularly important to wear it then. 

So I wear my mask.

Why do I?

In part, because I really don't like the idea that I could unknowingly make someone sick. Forbes recently published a good article on how masks can help significantly, if even imperfectly (click here to read).

In part, because that's the considered opinion of our county leaders, state leaders, and CDC officials.

But the main reason I wear a mask is because gathering together with you in person is more important to me than my convenience. There are people in the world today who walk miles and miles to gather with their church. There are people who lose potential business in order to gather with their church family. There are people who risk their safety to gather as the church. Mindful of the commitment of my brothers and sisters around the world, I think I can manage the inconvenience of a mask for a couple of hours.

I love you much, much more than I dislike my mask.

So, I wear my mask.

Yes, I could teach from home. While we were doing that, it was really convenient, to be honest. Yes, we all can learn from the Word and discuss the passage online - and we don't even have to shower or put on clean clothes. Saves some gas, too.

Being the best version of the church as we can is far more valuable to me than preaching while wearing shorts. Of course we can be the church online, but I believe we are the best version of the church when we're physically together and ministering to and with one another directly.

I encourage you to gather with us on-site as soon as you can safely do so. Convenient or not, masks or not - let's do everything we can to be the best version of the church that we can. And if it's not yet safe for you or for others if you joined us on-site, joining us online would be how to be the best version of the church in your case. Whatever it takes, let's do everything we can to be the best version of the church together.

(Image: Dipra Shrestha / CC BY-SA https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

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