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Posted by Colby Kinser on

Last Sunday night, our small group met partly in person, partly online for the first time - a "hybrid" group. We had been all online since March. For those in person, we set up a computer to display the video call on a large TV screen to make people more life-sized.

Even though we weren't all together in one room, I must say that it was better for everyone, I think. Not just those who met in person, but interestingly, also for those who met with us remotely. The dynamic of being in person is tremendous, and so much so that those online benefited from it, too. (Or so it seemed to me - I don't want to speak for others.) If true, this is important to all of us for several reasons:

  • Perhaps your group will also benefit from a hybrid model. You don't have to wait for all to feel comfortable meeting in person before some start doing so, without neglecting those online.
  • Our worship services will increasingly become hybrid, including our discussion groups. It's encouraging to me that we can have dynamic, hybrid discussion groups.
  • We can have people join our group even if they are out of state. Not only those traveling, but also those who live far away. We frequently have the sister of one member of our group join us, and she lives in Illinois for this month, and will move in July. She can remain part of our group throughout, plus we've gotten to know her and we know how to pray for her.

If your group needs any help setting up a workable hybrid arrangement, please let us know and we will find ways to help you.

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