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I Love Storms

Posted by Colby Kinser on

I love storms. I love the rain, the ominous clouds, lightning, thunder, and the wind. I even like tornadoes, as long as they do no damage. To me, it's better than TV … I could watch for hours, and I'm a little sad when the show is over.

And earthquakes. We’ve lived through 10 or so on the West Coast, only a few of them really strong. Again, as long as there's no damage, they are fun and exciting to me. I even miss having to strap the water heater  to the wall to keep it secure. We did take some minor house damage in one of them, tho. It was almost like a badge of honor … people at work congratulated us! (It's also interesting to me how afraid of tornadoes those on the West Coast are.)

One of the reasons I like them is because they remind me of God's vastly superior power. All the things we think to be sure and reliable are exposed to be temporary, easily toppled by a flick of God's finger.

Storms make me feel appropriately small in God's landscape, but also incredibly secure in His hand even when the ground beneath my feet is shaking.

I don't feel insignificant in the storms. I feel aware once again of the Omnipotence of God that makes everything ultimately secure in Him alone.

Now, if I could only learn to see metaphorical “storms” of life in the same way ...

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