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I Wish I Were More

Posted by Colby Kinser on

I wish I were more for you. For 2019, I wish that I would be able to teach you more, comfort you more, encourage you more, inspire you more, and redirect you more. I wish that I would be able to do more for the long-term success of your family and of our church family. I wish that I was more Spirit-led, more prayerful, more obedient to Christ, and more spiritually discerning for you.

In short, in my pride, I have a sinful desire to replace Christ in your life, at least a little.

As much as I want to see all of us grow in Christ, there's part of me that wants to be the one responsible for it happening. I want to say, "Look what God did" ... but I also want to say, "Look what I did."

I wish I were less for you. For 2019, I wish that I, like John the Baptizer, was able to say, "Christ must increase, but I must decrease." I wish that my pride was less, my desire to be the difference maker was less, and that my title and job were less a part of what defines our relationships.

I still want to be more spiritually discerning and more comforting and all those things. But I wish I could decrease while Christ increases in your life.

He has so much more for you in 2019 - more of Himself, more of His guidance, more of His comfort, more of His Spirit. The long-term "success" of this church family will be His work alone - our part is to take in more of Him but less of our selfish and prideful desires, and to be active parts in the life success of one another.

May 2019 be a year of Christ's success in Grace Fellowship through all of us. May I be the brother (and pastor) that serves you best. May my role in this fellowship be more of less and less of more, and for me to figure out what in the world that means. May I be "most least" for you.

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