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If you're gonna be called, you gotta be called this ...

Posted by Colby Kinser on

We want to be "called" by Christ! We want Him to speak our name, invite us to be close to Him, and give us a special assignment. We want our lives to matter, and what life can matter more than one that has God's calling on it?

In Matthew 9:13, Jesus says,

I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.

So. You want to be called? Well, Jesus calls sinners, not those who consider themselves righteous. Jesus calls people who know their sin and know how it grieves God. Jesus calls people who then call back to Him for salvation by grace through faith alone ... without any sense of any micron of any righteousness of their own.

Those who know they are sinners, but still think they are a little bit righteous, thereby have concluded that they need the call of Jesus less than the next bloke.

If you're gonna be called, you gotta be called this ... a sinner. But then a sinner who responds to the call of Jesus then becomes a saint saved by grace.

Beyond the moment of salvation is the ongoing life of a believer. You want to be called on a special mission? Jesus' M.O. is to call saved sinners on special missions, not those who think themselves even a little bit righteous.

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