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Making Good Biblical Applications

Posted by Cliff Coss on

Psalm 119:59-60
I considered my ways and turned my feet to Your testimonies. I hastened and did not delay to keep Your commandments.  

The psalmist gives us three steps to making good applications from our involvement with the Bible. 

The first step is to evaluate my life against the teachings I have received whether from reading, study, meditation, or hearing the Word of God.  The word "considered" means to actively evaluate my past behavior and thoughts using the scripture as the evaluation criteria. 

Once my departure from the correct course is identified the next step, the second step, is found in the phrase, "turned my feet to your testimonies." This word "turned" means to make a planned return to the point of departure from good behavior or thoughts. It is also worth noting that the psalmist considers it his responsibility to take this planned action.

Once the psalmist has a planned action the third and final step is found in the phrase, "I hastened and did not delay."  The psalmist realizes that many of his applications fail because he does not act on them promptly.  (I can attest to this truth in my own life.)  Acting promptly brings the satisfaction of knowing that he has acted on God's leading for his life.

In summary, the three steps to making effective applications are; Considered, Turned, and Hastened.  These three steps are not difficult but they are profoundly effective in responding to God's teaching though His word.