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On the Tip of My Tongue

Posted by Colby Kinser on

My mother lives in assisted living nearby in a facility that also has a section for memory care residents. We also have memory care residents just across our church parking lot next door, folks who our Sunday school kids visit on a monthly basis. Memory care issues are pure frustration both for the patient and family - you constantly feel like that thought or that word is just right there, ready to come out, but it too often doesn't.

A lifetime of memories slowly being hidden away and eventually lost. Gone like a vapor.

I then wonder what value are those memories if we lose them?

Welcome to my morbid blog post.

We can speculate that the memories were valuable when the events occurred and for as many years as they were remembered, but I still am  stuck on the question: But what good are they now?

One millisecond after everything we do, that event now exists only as a memory. Maybe there are lasting effects, but the event itself exists only as a memory. And when the memory is gone, the event doesn't exist at all. Gone like a vapor.

Therefore, the only way events have any real and lasting value at all, whether or not we remember them, is if they are events that also exist in the Kingdom of God.

They don't have to all be grand moments like bringing someone to faith in order for them to exist in the Kingdom of God. Anything and everything that is consistent with, compliant with, and aligned with the Kingdom and its principles "exists" in the Kingdom of God. If it is unaligned, then it does not exist in the Kingdom.

In our moment in space and time, we enjoy a great capacity for recreation - time, freedom, safety, and resources. We could, if we choose, keep reaching after events in order to make good memories, which we vainly try to embalm forever in photographs and video (a kind of memory). But the only way our events survive our temporary ability to remember them is to submit those events to the purposes of the Kingdom of God. If they exist in the Kingdom of God, they exist forever, whether we remember them now or not.

We are all memory care patients.

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