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Only Two?

Posted by Colby Kinser on

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a principle about how Christians can respond to controversial issues, and I think it bears repeating here.

Our society is highly polarized on many issues, which means that most current events are presented as a choice between Option A and Option B. That's it. You have to fall in one of those two camps, and be vocal or even angry about those in the other. Think about any stressful issue in society and see if it basically presents this way.

My observation is this: I don't believe the Lord Jesus Christ is confined to just two options that the world presents for any human situation. Yes, there is absolute Right and Wrong, and He will only choose Right. But I contend that in most, if not all, human situations, Jesus has options that are completely righteous. Even something seemingly obvious like abortion, He is not confined to just the 2 or 3 typical ways that we tend to present as the only options. 

Therefore, the one who is in Christ is not confined to the world's choices on how to respond, either. The world tend to present a few calls that you must choose from, but if Jesus has more options, we who are in Him do, too.

Do not assume the world's menu of options are the only options you have. Try to consider the options Jesus has, and choose a path that may buck the world's menu. He gives you your options, not the world.

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