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Posted by Colby Kinser on

When is Easter this year?

That's a much weirder question than Christmas, Fourth of July (obviously!), and even Thanksgiving. The Western tradition for Easter has to do with the lunar calendar in the springtime, which means it changes from year to year. I've always found that odd.

For 2020, the calendar says that Easter is on April 12. But that's just what a bunch of dudes who were overly attentive to the cycles of the moon determined a really long time ago.

This year, we can't meet in person on April 12. But we will still meet together for Easter.

All we need to do is declare as a church when that will be in 2020. If those dudes could do it, why can't we?

And that's what we're going to do. Very soon after we're able to meet in person again, we will set "Easter weekend" for Grace Fellowship Church.

Our Re-Easter weekend will include our Good Friday service, our tradition of Easter brunch, and our Easter worship service to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We don't know when that will be just yet, but we will soon enough.

On April 12 during our normal worship service online (OK, so ... "normal"), we will give some attention to Easter, for sure, but we won't focus intently on Easter that day because we want to save that big celebration for when we can come together.

When we can meet in person again, our Easter celebration will be a celebration of resurrection in more than one way!

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