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Seek Thee Counsel

Posted by Colby Kinser on

When I served at a church in Middle Georgia, I didn't have a single faith-informed counselor or therapist that I could refer people to. I never found one who had advanced skills in counseling along with a view of Biblical integration that I resonated with. Either they were too nouthetic (basically, using on the Bible for therapy, ignoring the body of available tools from the counseling field) or they weren't familiar with how to effectively integrate a Christian worldview. Or they just were people I wouldn't dare go to myself, let alone refer someone.

You can't believe the frustration and sense of helplessness. I saw a few cases beyond my capacity, but I wasn't able to connect them to reliable resources. There was nothing adequate that I could offer them.

Here, however, I have developed a rich list of referrals - men and women that I have personally interviewed to learn their counseling approaches and their practices of integration. I am very comfortable with a number of providers, and those I have referred to them have frequently reported great progress.

Counseling is not just for those in acute distress. In a good counselor, you have a trustworthy, trained, and empathetic person dedicated to helping you make progress toward greater wholeness. It may take just a few sessions, or it may need longer-term, ongoing work. I've seen both work well.

All of us have baggage, hangups, and burdens. Many of these can be addressed quite effectively with genuine, vulnerable community in Christ (get into a small group!!!). Sometimes, though, we will progress much more quickly with the help of someone gifted and trained in the field.

If you would like a referral to a good counselor I trust, please just contact me. I can help match your particular concern with someone capable for that in particular.

Furthermore, I also provide some basic pastoral counseling (at no charge for members and regular attenders). I have my parameters, and will refer someone to a professional counselor whenever I see that my training and experience are not sufficient. 

There is no shame in seeking out a counselor. But there is wisdom.

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