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Sent on a Faith Trip

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Matthew 10:5-42

1973, what a year! The USA and North Vietnam signed a cease fire agreement; the Watergate scandal  reached the Nixon White House; OPEC imposed an oil embargo in response to the USA support of Israel creating gas shortages, lines, and rising prices; and I spent the summer in Omaha, Nebraska with other college students. Together, we were living, working and learning about the Christian life.

One weekend we were divided into groups and my group was sent to Beatrice, Nebraska. Our instructions were; Go to the people of Beatrice, walk through their neighbors, knock on doors to offer our services to help around their home, and if the opportunity arose share the Gospel; We were to take no money or credit cards (a form of payment just becoming popular); We made no lodging plans because God would provide. For transportation we took two cars (mine and one other) neither of which had sufficient gas to get back to Omaha. This was called a “Faith Trip” and was patterned after the way Jesus sent out His disciples in Matthew 10.

This was the most miraculous weekend of the summer! Those in my car experienced the joy of serving, sharing the Gospel, being kicked off a porch with curses, provided with food, and a place to sleep. On
the way back to Omaha my car was first to run out of gas along the highway. So, part of the group got out a guitar and started singing songs (a very 70’s thing to do), another part of us prayed, and a couple
of the girls went looking through their purses for money. They found no money but many sheets of postage stamps (stamps in those days, came in sheets and you had to lick them to affix them to a letter).
Apparently, the girls were planning to write quite a few letters. Down the road was a gas station, apparently closed because it was Sunday when most retail stores were closed. With no other options,
the other car took off with the girls to check out the gas station, and discovered the station owner was at the station, would turn on the pumps and trade sheets of stamps for gas! This trade provided enough gas for the two cars to make it back to Omaha! Wow, seeing God provide and use us that weekend has been a lifelong joy and encouragement.

So far in the Fishers of Men series, we have seen how Jesus went about transforming His twelve apostles into fishers of men.

  1. Jesus called the apostles promising to make them into fishers of men
  2. Jesus showed them where and how to fish for men among the unrighteous
  3. Jesus revealed his compassion for people and urged His disciples to beseech God for more

In Matthew 10:5-42, Jesus continues to train His disciples by empowering, and sending them out into the world for their own “faith trip” to gain first-hand ministry experience. Jesus sent them to a specific
people (the lost sheep of the house of Israel), with a message to deliver (the kingdom of heaven is at hand), with services to perform (heal the sick…), with instructions on how to behave (be wise and innocent), what to expect, and with dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Take a few minutes of time to record the details of your current “faith trip”. Record a description of the people group to whom you have been sent, the message you are to deliver, and the services you are to perform. Then embark on your remarkable “faith trip” as a follower of Jesus, with wisdom, innocence,
and dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

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