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Show Me Some Identification

Posted by Colby Kinser on

Where is your identity located? Not your driver's license or student ID card, but your identity? What gives you the sense of who you are, why you have value, how you want people to know you, what would be a fitting epithet for your life, and so on?

Most believers can properly answer the question "Where should our identity come from?" Just give the standard Sunday school answer, and you'll get this one right: "Jesus." Indeed, that's where believers are supposed to get their identity, their personal sense of self. I'm a believer in Christ, saved from my sins, a citizen of God's Kingdom, and a child of God. That's my identity! And then everything else from my life is derived from my identity in Christ. That's the ideal, and it's not out of our reach.

But, perhaps it's not mostly true or consistently true for many of us.

I think of an elderly man who's identity has always been in what he can do, what he can accomplish. Then, as his body and mind age and lose faculty, his ability to do also diminishes. If that's where his identity is, then his own identity is also diminishing! That, in turn, affects how he views his own mortality, his worth in the present, and even his reason to continue living. This is not an uncommon source of depression.

What thing about you, if taken away, would diminish your sense of self? Whatever that thing is, that's where you're getting some self identity. What if your good looks were taken away? Your strength? Your figure? Your possessions? Your title? A special person in your life? How would you feel about yourself if it was taken away, like an old man's ability to do things? If taking away something affects your sense of self, you're getting some of your identity from it. 

Even Jesus, the "right" answer. If you were to take Jesus away from me, I'd like to think I wouldn't really know who I am. I would like my identity to be coming from Him to that degree.

The Good News of Jesus is that He can never be taken away from you. In fact, He's the only thing that cannot be taken away from you - the only thing that will never be taken away from you. And therefore, He's the only One in whom we can find our permanent identity.


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