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Side Effects May Include Shortness of Fuse

Posted by Colby Kinser on

The second wave is coming. Europe is seeing it. We're beginning to see it. COVID-19 has caught its breath and is striking back hard, like the Chiefs after falling 24-0 in a playoff game.

The implications are everywhere - work, stock market, eating out, loved ones getting sick ... the list is long.

One thing I'm seeing in myself and others is a shorter fuse. I'm quicker to get angry, quicker to get offended, quicker to want to throw up my hands and rewatch my 2015 World Series Blu-Rays.

Which means I have to be more intentional than normal to seek peace in the Lord, who never changes and is Lord over all.

Check yourself. Has your fuse gotten shorter lately? Do you feel it getting shorter with each passing day? Do you know your own signs of when you're about to pop your top? (If not, those around you can certainly help identify those signs! They know!)

Determine in your heart that COVID will not take away this, too. It's done enough damage. And turn to the Psalms - just keep reading until you find one that you're identifying with in the moment, and then dwell in it for a while. These psalmists have been through rough times, too, and they laid it all out there. The one common thing about these psalms is that their only answer is in the presence of God.

That is our only answer to COVID's challenge to our attitude - the presence of God. Immerse yourself in His Word, in prayer, and in the fellowship of believers to practice His presence. God can part the Red Sea and He can lengthen our fuses.

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