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Some people are like closed countries

Posted by Colby Kinser on

In our last message, I mentioned the idea that some people are like closed countries. Let me put some more flesh on those bones.

"Closed countries" are those countries that are closed to the Gospel. They do not grant missionary visas. They do not allow open proselytizing. It might be illegal for someone of the dominant religion to convert to Christianity, punishable by imprisonment or worse. These countries may permit Christian churches, but insist on controlling their actions and content.

So, for Kingdom-minded folks to get into these countries, they have to find other ways to get into the country in ways the government permits. It's called "creative access." Often, it's by finding a clear way that benefits the legitimate interests of the government or dominant culture.

Some people can be like those countries. They don't allow any direct conversations about matters of faith within the borders of their personal domain.

So, we need "creative access." Not deception, but finding access into their lives in ways that serve their legitimate interests. We want to build authentic relationships to the depth where they actually do allow you to talk about the most important thing about you - the One who saved you.

Kingdom-minded people don't let closed boundaries stop them. They look for creative ways to go where they believe the Father has called them. They don't crash the gates and try to escape with a few captives. They study the values of the "closed country" and find ways to be invited in.

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