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Streams of Tears

Posted by Cliff Coss on

Psalm 119:136
My eyes shed streams of tears, because people do not keep your law.

One day, during my college years,  I walked into a dorm room and found one of my new Christian brothers weeping.  I knew him fairly well and wondered what tragedy had befallen him that would cause him to weep. After asking him about this he said, "There are people I know who will not obey the gospel of Christ and turn to Him for their salvation." His heart was grieved knowing that people he knew and loved would not spend eternity with Christ and so he was weeping at the anticipated loss.

In Psalm 119:36 the psalmist expresses the same type of grief because people do not keep the law of the Lord.  That is they do not make it their habit or practice to conform their lives to God's law.  Why would this move the psalmist to tears? After all, won't they get what they deserve?  Rather than weep, why doesn't the psalmist cry out for swift justice against these ignorant, rebellious evil doers?

As Psalm 119 is read, you can see that the psalmist has received protection from evil and found blessing, help, comfort, direction for living life, and yes even salvation all from the law of the Lord.  I think he weeps because he knows that they, who ignore God's law, are missing out on the great blessing found in that law!  Therefore, rather than seeking justice he is seeking grace for them.

Oh Lord, give me a heart like my college friend and like the psalmist.  Let my heart break because people do not keep Your law.  Let me see their great need and use me to help them find the same mercy I have received.  After all, at this time, our Lord came to seek and save the lost and not to mete out justice.

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