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The Readable Bible

Posted by Colby Kinser on

The Readable Bible (https://readablebible.com/) is a Bible translation project started by Rod Laughlin, who lives in nearby Leawood. Rod has been a businessman and seminary student - but more than that, Rod deeply loves Christ and His Word.

The main purpose of TRB is: "The Readable Bible is Scripture in today’s formats, the way it would look if Moses, David, and Paul were sitting at a computer when God spoke to them." Using modern desktop publishing ideas, the format of the text is as much part of the communication as the translation itself, conveying the meaning of the text not only by what is printed, but how it is printed.

You've seen me do something very similar in some sermons, even just recently - formatting the text in order to make the meaning of the text more clear.

There are several editing and proofreading steps in the TRB project, employing trained translators and professional editors, along with several volunteers. For much of last year, I was part of the "crowdproofing" step - some 200 volunteer proofers fairly late in the process to look for readability, consistency, and so on. This is what I call "fun"!

Because of some personal health issues, Rod is unable to work at full steam for the time being, so he has asked me to come on board at a different stage of the process, in order to take on some of the final decisions that he's been making. 

This is what I call "double fun"! Translation theory and application have always been special areas of passion for me, and now being able to play a part for a published translation is a thrill.

I'm eager to be able to share this translation with you whenever we get published.

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