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There's a Reason You Don't Know

Posted by Colby Kinser on

My sister-in-law had a job she didn't like. She was in leadership at a private school and loved much about the work - the students, the teaching methodology and principles, and the mission. However, there were some parts of the work that were so bad that she eagerly made her exit at the end of a school year - happy to be out of that situation.

As I write this, she and my brother are in Myanmar for a couple of weeks to plant a school for the same organization. She's having a delightful time, making lifelong friends and memories, and able to contribute according to her strengths. She's going to be sad to find herself out of this situation.

Same kind of school, same curriculum, same methodologies.

Had she known during her previous experience that it was going to lead to an opportunity like this, I'm sure she would have found more joy and endurance, or at least be able to put the negative in perspective. But she didn't have the advantage of that knowledge.

There's a reason God doesn't tell us all that He could tell us about what's coming up. There's a reason He doesn't always tells us, "I'm having you go through this tough time because I'm about to do something unique and good in your life..."

If we obey because we know what the prize will be at the end, then we are obeying God conditionally. "I'll obey you, as long as you promise me candy when I'm done." We can behave like 4 year olds, refusing to obey without a bribe.

But God is the Creator and King, awesome in glory and power, worthy of all praise and submission. We shouldn't need candy to motivate us to obey Him! We should obey Him unconditionally. And so He doesn't always promise us candy. But He does always expect us to obey.

We evaluate something as "good" or "bad" based often on how convenient or pleasing it is to us in the moment. First, we are fickle. Second, the times are fickle. What is "good" or "bad" can't be evaluated on something so fickle! God, the unchanging, is the only measure of goodness. We will see more clearly the more we trust God knows what He's doing and just simply obeying what we know to do in the moment.

Meanwhile, God is writing an adventure story with you in it, and He's not always going to tell you the plot twists in advance.

(image: Inle Lake, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=598514)

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