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This Door is Locked

Posted by Colby Kinser on

This door is locked.

It's on the ramp leading up to the balcony of Municipal Auditorium where the main sessions for Challenge are being held this week. Unmarked, short, locked door that hides a mystery.

I just walk by the door. Every time. It's not my door, and what's behind it is not my business. Plus, I know it's locked, so it's no use trying.

But one of our middle schoolers tried the door handle as we walked up. Naturally. Instinctively. The door was locked and secure. No mystery was revealed. And he just kept walking up the ramp.

But he tried the door handle! And I didn't, because I knew it was locked.

This is why I love being allowed to go to Challenge with the youth. They try the locked doors that we pass by because we think we know so much.

And one of these times, the door is going to be unlocked, and a youth will reveal a good mystery.

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