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Well, He's Unnecessary

Posted by Colby Kinser on

I'm presently living in two worlds. In one world, I'm the replacer. In the other, I'm the one being replaced. And each gives me perspective of the other. 
In addition, both together remind me of how unnecessary I am.
I get to serve, but God doesn't need me. I've gotten to serve churches as a member, and I've gotten to serve three diverse churches as a pastor. And I'm getting to serve in a very different way a group of pastors, their elders, and their churches. God has never and will never need me.
My flesh really wants to be necessary, but when I remind myself that I'm not really necessary, I feel a handful of emotions:
Freedom: If we're not needed, then we're free to get busy with what we know the Lord wants us to do. We're free from a false sense of self-importance, and free to be servants. We're free from having God's job, and free to say "yes" to the job He has for each of us.
Privilege: If we're not needed, then the invitation to serve anyway becomes a privilege. God doesn't call us to do something because He needs us, but because He wants us to share in the eternally important work He's about. What a privilege.
Humility: There are few things more humbling than knowing you're not needed. Then, when we handle important matters, we can do so with humility rather than pride. When we have successes, we can enjoy them humbly and give credit to the only One who is necessary. And when we fail, we can fail humbly. I usually struggle with pride more when I fail than when I succeed.
Worship: What kind of God who doesn't need us nonetheless calls us to be and do in His name? Only the kind of God who is continually forming us into the image of His glorious Son! Amen and amen.

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