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What's the Devo like?

Posted by Colby Kinser on

You've heard about the 7AM weekday online devotional that we started when the shutdown first began. Now that things are opening up again, we don't want to stop! But what is this devo like?

We first scheduled them to be 5-10 minutes, just a quick thought from me, and then prayer. But now it has evolved to 30 minutes because we kept running out of time. But if someone can stay only 10 minutes, it still works just fine, tho.

We also started with me posing some questions from the passage of the day, but now we rarely get to those. We go with whatever comments or questions people have from the passage and that's usually more than enough to fill our time. 

A typical devo: We read a passage related to the upcoming sermon, discuss it however the group wants to focus, and the pray (especially for us to live out the passage we just studied). Some of our discussion and thoughts end up in the sermon - to some extent, we are crowd-sourcing the sermon. It's been refreshing for me that the congregation is helping to craft the sermons.

I learn as much as anyone, so it's a double joy.

We'd love to see more participants ... all are welcome. Information on how to join us can be found here: https://www.fellowshipofgrace.org/resources/bible-reading-plan-2020/ .


Image: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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