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When God Moves

Posted by Colby Kinser on

  • When God moves, He rarely moves you to a place you can handle just fine on your own.
  • When God moves, He is always asking you to trust Him.
  • When God moves, He usually allows you to disobey.
  • When God moves and we disobey, we always miss out.
  • When God moves, He never has chosen you by mistake, forgotten your weaknesses, ignored your fears, or set you up to fail.
  • When God moves, He often confirms it only after you take a step of faith in that direction.
  • When God moves, He has already taught you to check yourself with the Word and with wise counselors.
  • When God moves, He will never lead you opposite of those wise counselors by appealing to your pride - it would only be through your humility, and it will be rare.
  • When God moves, it is usually because you wouldn't have chosen it yourself, or that you shouldn't choose it for yourself until after He has made the first move.
  • When God moves, you can often tell it is Him only by clearing out all the noise and listening hard with a free willingness to do whatever He says.
  • When God moves, it is always to both advance His Kingdom and to form you more into the image of Christ.
  • When God moves, move with Him.

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