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Waging a Smarter War on Porn

06.27.19 | Good Reads | by Mark Regnerus

    Mark Regnerus with "Christianity Today" reviews a book by Samuel Perry about the sociology of Christians struggling with porn. The review is helpful, and the book would be a good read for anyone struggling with porn. Pretending you...

    Moore Engaging

    06.12.19 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by David Moore

      David Moore is a good friend and intriguing Christian thought leader. Check out his website "Two Cities Ministries" by clicking on the link below. See also the link to his wife Doreen's page - she is also an engaging teacher and writer.

      $20M and the Bible

      06.05.19 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by Kyle Young

        Kyle Young writes for CNBC about a Harvard professor's discovery about happiness. However, it's something that the Bible has claimed all along. Not to criticize anyone, but to simply affirm that the "weird" claims of the Bible hold up...