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Gospel Legacy

06.18.20 | Good Reads | by Kate Shellnutt

    Christianity Today published an article about George Floyd and his life as a Christian. Click on the link below to read the article.

    Exit the Echo Chamber

    06.11.20 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by Brett McCracken

      Brett McCracken with The Gospel Coalition writes about the "echo chambers" we make for ourselves and that we need to leave as evangelicals in order to engage our culture rightly. Click on the link below to read more.


      06.04.20 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by The Bible Project

        The Bible Project has a great video discussing the Biblical idea of "justice." In our current situation with many people defining this word in worldly terms or rejecting the term outright, we need to look at what the Bible says about...

        Aching to Gather

        05.28.20 | Worship | by Bruce West

          Bruce West is leading worship this coming Sunday, and has created a playlist for the following week to help us in worship. He also shares his heart for aching to join together in person to worship our Lord. Read Bruce's thoughts below and his...

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