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My Savvy Shepherd

09.27.18 | Biblical Study | by Brad Gray

    Walking the Text is a video teaching series that looks at the text, the context, the history, the geography, all in some detail. Take a look at the first installment on the series about Psalm 23 by clicking the link below.

    Universalism on Trial

    09.13.18 | Good Reads | by Michael McClymond

      Click on the link below to read a book review of McClymond's work dismantling the doctrine of Universalism (the doctrine that says everyone will eventually be eternally saved).

      Entering God's Holy Presence

      09.06.18 | Jesus | by Steven Cole

        Steven Cole writes for Bible.org describing the Old Testament temple and how it informs us about entering the presence of the Lord. Click below to read more (and check out the entire Bible.org website!).

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