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Stuck in the Present

02.10.21 | History | by David Moore

    One of my favorite writers and friend is David Moore, whose new book "Stuck in the Present: How history frees and forms Christians" has just come out. The tagline: "While the Bible is enough to take us to heaven, knowing history...

    David Moore Interviews

    11.23.20 | Apologetics | by David Moore

      Scot McKnight's blog "Jesus Creed" features a friend of Pastor Colby, David Moore, interviewing Carl Trueman, author of "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self" on the contrast between the biblical and modern views of the...

      Moore Wright

      07.09.20 | Good Reads | by David Moore

        Long-time friend David Moore interviewed N.T. Wright about his recent book on God and the Coronavirus. Click on the link below to read Moore. ;-)

        Moore Engaging

        06.12.19 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by David Moore

          David Moore is a good friend and intriguing Christian thought leader. Check out his website "Two Cities Ministries" by clicking on the link below. See also the link to his wife Doreen's page - she is also an engaging teacher and writer.