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Science for the Church

02.18.21 | Apologetics | by Colby Kinser

    "Science for the Church" is a website that is "cultivating a stronger church through meaningful dialogue with mainstream science." There is no "science vs. faith," and this website will help equip you to engage the...

    David Moore Interviews

    11.23.20 | Apologetics | by David Moore

      Scot McKnight's blog "Jesus Creed" features a friend of Pastor Colby, David Moore, interviewing Carl Trueman, author of "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self" on the contrast between the biblical and modern views of the...

      Ravi Zacharias

      05.21.20 | Apologetics | by Ravi Zacharias

        Christian teacher and apologist Ravi Zacharias passed away this week. He has impacted many of us. RightNow Media has created a channel in memory of Mr. Zacharias with some of his wonderful teachings. Click on the link below to see the channel.