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Moore Wright

07.09.20 | Good Reads | by David Moore

    Long-time friend David Moore interviewed N.T. Wright about his recent book on God and the Coronavirus. Click on the link below to read Moore. ;-)

    Gospel Legacy

    06.18.20 | Good Reads | by Kate Shellnutt

      Christianity Today published an article about George Floyd and his life as a Christian. Click on the link below to read the article.

      Analog Church

      04.23.20 | Good Reads | by Jay Kim

        Jay Kim writes about the priority of meeting together as a church, rather than only digitally. A timely piece for our situation now. Click on the link below to read a review and now to order it.

        The Shame of Me

        03.11.20 | Good Reads | by Ryan Lefebvre

          At a recent pastors' breakfast, Ryan Lefebvre, a broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals, spoke about his life and faith. We each received a copy of his book chronicling his path through depression. It's an encouraging book for those who've dealt...

          Good News for Those Trying Harder

          02.05.20 | Good Reads | by Alan Kraft

            Continuing with summarizing books I was able to read on sabbatical, one of the books on the Holy Spirit was "Good News for Those Trying Harder," by Alan Kraft (a pastor of an EFCA church on Colorado). Alan encourages those who want to...