The Opposite of Poverty isn't the American Dream

05.21.19 | Faith, Work, and Economics | by Tom Nelson

The Opposite of Poverty isn

    Tom Nelson of Christ Community Church in Leawood wrote a review in "Christianity Today" of a new book by Brian Fikkert ("Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn't the American Dream"). The book is about what's truly effective in the fight against poverty. Fikkert also wrote "When Helping Hurts," which we've referred to a number of times, and he originated the "Four Poverties" idea that we had a series on 2 years ago. Click the link below to read more. You'll need a subscription to read the whole review, or get a copy of the print magazine, but the free version gives a good glimpse. There is also a link below to buy Fikkert's book.