ONE KC’s vision is to saturate Kansas City and cities around the world with the Good News of Jesus during Lent.

February 14-April 4, 2021

Sermon series

During Lent, we will be teaching through the Gospel of Mark in sync with over 130 churches in the Kansas City area and with hundreds of churches in Hong Kong, Ghana, Singapore, and other locations around the world. Connect with us or other partner churches.

Our services are in-person and online Sundays at 10:15AM CST. 

Join us from anywhere at: http://remote.fellowshipofgrace.org.

What is One KC about ... Gospel saturation

The Gospel is the "Good News" and we want everyone to know what that Good News is!  ONE KC is an initiative to get the Gospel out to our city during the 6-week period of Lent.  How?  Through local churches, through sermon series, through the Bible.is app, through watching groups, through listening groups, through YOU.  Let's engage in the Word of God - together.  The whole story about One KC can be found here: https://onekc.bible/ .

Download the Bible.is app

You can download the app here:  http://www.bible.is/apps .

We have access to 21st Century tools that can help all of us share the truth about Jesus. Pray about who God might have you invite to join along (for the teaching series, a watching group, and/or a listening group).

Watching Groups

You can watch a dramatization of the Gospel of Mark in your language on a schedule that matches the sermon series teachings. Invite your small group and friends to watch the videos together and walk through the discussion questions found on the watching groups page:  https://onekc.bible/watching-groups . 

Listening Groups

We have a 40-day listening plan for the other three Gospels: Matthew, Luke, and John. You can listen in your own language and then discuss what you've heard with your friends. After you have the Bible.is app, view the reading schedule here: https://onekc.bible/listening-group-content . 

Other Resources

See our weekly sermon resources at http://fellowshipofgrace.org/disciples-at-home .

Connect with partner churches. View participating churches here: https://onekc.bible/connect .