Jun 09, 2019

Passage: Revelation 13

Preacher: Dr. Colby E. Kinser

Series: Alpha & Omega



Read Revelation 13; Matthew 10:5-15. What posture should you have toward the unsaved? How does God want to transform you by sending you?

With your family:

Ask your kids how you sending them to school has changed them. Then talk about how God changes us by sending us to those who need to know Him.

With your small group:

    1. Read Revelation 13; Matthew 10:5-15.
    2. What stands out to you in these verses? Why?
    3. What bothers you about these verses? Why?
    4. Discuss the self-reflection question above.


  • How can your small group help one another in this?


  1. Given this passage, what should you do this week?


Next week, we continue our series on Genesis and Revelation with the topic of righteousness.

Reading the Bible Through as a Church for 2019


We will be reading a Bible plan from YouVersion, "Solid Life Reading Plan (New Testament)"

We encourage you to:

1) Download the YouVersion Bible app onto your device;

2) Then select "Plans" and then "Find plans;"

3)  Search for and find "Solid Life Reading Plan (New Testament)" plan;

4) Select "Start plan."  

5) Each month you should be able to "catch me up" to the first day of each month and stay on track reading through the Bible together.

 https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/2129-walk-with-god-for-35-days)  or